PET Products

Given its many advantageous attributes and versatility, PET continues to lead in today’s packaging marketplace. It has become the world’s choice for plastic containers because of its unrivaled strength-to-weight ratio and reliability. Our PET plastic bottles are strong and lightweight, and unlike glass, shatterproof, all of which make them easier, safer and much more cost effective to manufacture, fill and transport. Ongoing advances are also striving to make PET containers even lighter so as to reduce the amount of plastic used to make them.

As an inert material, PET does not react with food or water, and provides a strong and hygienic barrier to the outside environment. This makes it widely preferred as packaging for a large variety of different products in the personal care, food & beverage, health care, household products, industrial, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

Additionally, PET plastic lends itself to being molded into custom bottle shapes. Whatever your packaging needs, we have a wide variety of premium stock and custom plastic bottles and jars to best showcase your product and brand.

Last, but certainly not least, PET is recyclable. Sustainability is important to us here at Poly-Tainer, and we believe that recycling is an essential tool in reducing carbon emissions and environmental waste. To that end, we also produce bottles that are 100% food grade post-consumer recycled PET.

From low output mold options that minimize customer investment, to high cavitation platforms designed for large volume demand, Poly-Tainer is well positioned to help your brand achieve its market objectives. Our skilled in-house design team has the experience and expertise to take your product from concept to completion. Poly-Tainer has worked with some of the top brands across all core markets.

Additionally, we offer post-consumer resin as well as a variety of colors, additives and inhibitors.

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