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Create Brand Identity and Recognition with Color

Color is an important component of brand identity and recognition. It’s one of the most important design elements of your brand. Studies have shown that people make snap judgements about a product within 90 seconds of seeing it, and most of that assessment is based on color alone.

Think of the last time you had to choose between two brands of an unfamiliar product. You probably picked the one in the color that engaged you more. Or when faced with a shelf full of bottles at the store, chances are you’ll gravitate toward picking up certain colors first, just because they seem more appropriate to the contents.

The artful use of color can spark interest, increase recognition, build brand equity, and even generate emotion. Your container color and design will set the tone for your company image, and differentiate your product from everyone else.

With that much riding on a color choice, selecting the right option for your container is essential. We have the expertise with over 51 years of experience, whether you decide on one of our standard colors, or opt for a custom hue, our in-house design team will work with you from project concept to completion.

Poly-Tainer offers four standard colors; white, black, cobalt and amber for our PET plastic bottles and jars, and two standard colors; black and white for the HDPE plastic bottles and jars.

Additionally, we can create or match any custom color from a color swatch or target. Regardless of if you’re starting from scratch with a fresh, new design, or if you need us to match the color on existing packaging for brand continuity, we have the expertise and equipment to help you through every step of the whole process, including bottle decoration.

Our custom color options are also available in transparent, translucent, opaque, pearl, swirl and metallic treatments, to make whichever container you choose the perfect one to represent your brand. Take a look at some of the packaging we have created for our clients here.

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