Cylinders 350 ml – 32 oz.

With straight shoulders and flat base, Cylinder bottles are our most versatile. Their neat and simple silhouettes make them an ideal choice for holding liquids. Choose from a variety of different sizes, including tall, foamer and MCR styles which are well suited for a variety of different products.

350 ml

16 oz.

16 oz.

16 oz. MCR

32 oz. MCR

Select from the options below to view product specifications. Need help finding just the right packaging solution? Call us at (805) 526-3424 or email us at [email protected].



Available Sizes

Mold # Width/
(max. inches)
Height B.O.N.
Neck Finish Material
350 ml 120-16 2.18 6.55 24mm PET
16 oz. 160-23 2.476 6.90 28mm PET
16 oz. 160-38 2.380 7.165 24mm PET
16 oz. MCR 160-40 2.445 6.875 28mm PET
32 oz. MCR 320-21 3.190 8.000 28mm PET
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